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Speaks English

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SPEAKENG indicates whether the respondent was able to speak English.


SPEAKENG is available for the United States 1900 and the 1910 censuses. The question wording was different in the 1900 and in the 1910 questioners.

For the Great British samples in 1891 (Scotland only) and 1901, there is information collected about if individuals spoke Gaelic. These variables include information about if English was also spoken, but these variables (GB1891B_0439, GB1901A_0439, , and GB1901B_0439) have a large number of unknown cases and are thus not integrated into SPEAKENG.


  • United States 1900: Persons age 10+
  • United States 1910: Persons age 10+


  • United States: 1900, 1910