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Occupation, Britain codes

Codes and Frequencies

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OCCGB describes occupational code as derived from string only. Coders saw no other information about the individual while classifying occupations. The code used for classifying occupations is devised by the General Register Office for use with the British censuses.

Further information is available in Matthew Woollard. (1999) The classification of occupations in the census of England and Wales. (Colchester: Historical Censuses and Social Surveys Occasional Paper No. 1) and Matthew Woollard, "The Classification of Occupations in the 1881 British Census," History and Computing, 10: (1999) pp. 17-36.


This variable is only available in the two percent sample of Great Britain 1851. Users interested in specific occupation strings should look at the OCCSTRNG variable.


  • Great Britain 1851c: All persons


  • Great Britain: 1851c