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Hierarchy, main occupation, Norway

Codes and Frequencies

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OC1HIRNO classifies a person's occupation, and describes the socio-economic level of the occupation.

It classifies occupations as ranging from landowners and capitalists, at the top; through professionals, office functionaries, and those running their own businesses; to craft workers and work leaders; to day laborers and apprentices; and finally to unemployed and/or unproductive individuals at the bottom.

Information on the industrial sector a person worked in is contained in the variable OC1TRDNO.

If a second occupation was stated, this may be classified as well in the variables OC2HIRNO and OC2TRDNO.


This variable is only available in Norway.


  • Norway 1865: All persons
  • Norway 1875: All persons
  • Norway 1900: All persons
  • Norway 1910: All persons


  • Norway: 1865, 1875, 1900, 1910