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Last name


This is a 32-character string variable.


NAMELAST is an alphabetic variable giving a person's full last name. It will primarily be of use to researchers linking the NAPP census data to other sources of demographic data, or researchers whose research topic involves naming patterns. Because of the length of this variable (32 columns), and the size of the dataset, other researchers should not select this variable.

NAMELAST is used to produce the variable SURSIM which assigns the same code to all persons within each household who had a shared surname.


The collection of names was substantially similar in all NAPP censuses. Canadian and United States instructions to enumerators indicated that the surname was to be written before the first name, whereas Norwegian and the Icelandic 1801 instructions gave no direction in this regard. The Icelandic 1901 instructions direct the enumerator to list the first and last names in separate columns.

Many families in the Norwegian and Swedish samples do not have a shared family name, instead following patronymic naming conventions (where a child's last name is derived from his or her father's first name). Consequently, husbands and wives, as well as parents and children, often do not share last names.

Not all cases have first and last names in the 1871 Canadian census.

Similar to the Norwegian censuses, Icelandic names in the 1801 census have been truncated to 16 characters. Fields with "!!" denote blank fields. In the 1901 census children who have not yet been given a name are listed as "boy" or "girl".

Norwegian names have been truncated to 16 characters. Fields with "!!" denote blank fields.

In Sweden, surnames are usually not reported for children.


  • Canada 1852: All persons
  • Canada 1871: All persons
  • Canada 1881: All persons
  • Canada 1891: All persons
  • Canada 1901: All persons
  • Canada 1911: All persons
  • Great Britain 1851c: All persons
  • Iceland 1703: All persons
  • Iceland 1729: All persons
  • Iceland 1801: All persons
  • Iceland 1901: All persons
  • Mecklenburg 1819: All persons
  • Norway 1801: All persons
  • Norway 1865: All persons
  • Norway 1875: All persons
  • Norway 1900: All persons
  • Norway 1910: All persons
  • Sweden 1880:
  • Sweden 1890:
  • Sweden 1900:
  • Sweden 1910:
  • United States 1850a: All persons
  • United States 1850b: All persons
  • United States 1860: All persons
  • United States 1870: All persons
  • United States 1880a: All persons
  • United States 1880b: All persons
  • United States 1900: All persons
  • United States 1910: All persons


  • Canada: 1852, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911
  • Great Britain: 1851c
  • Iceland: 1703, 1729, 1801, 1901
  • Mecklenburg: 1819
  • Norway: 1801, 1865, 1875, 1900, 1910
  • Sweden: 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910
  • United States: 1850a, 1850b, 1860, 1870, 1880a, 1880b, 1900, 1910